The Niger Delta

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Visit To Warri

You may have been wandering why I haven’t updated my blog for some time.
Well, I left town on official assignment to Warri and you know what, Warri is such a cool town somehow lively and really filled with interesting people.
The major tribe here – Urhobo – are very hospitable and they are really beautiful.

They are really trying to make a decent life out of an oil-induced violent riddled town.

There is this joke told about Warri;

Once, president Obasanjo was taking the American president, Bush, on an aerial
tour of Nigeria, somewhere along the line, the plane mechanism started
malfunctioning and the compass could no longer locate their present location,
worse still, the air conditioner in the plane stopped working.
In his
frustration, Bush took his arm outside the plane window to get a touch of fresh
air and by the time he brought them inside again, his wrist watch had been
stolen!On seeing this, Obasanjo said

“yes, now I know, we Are flying over".




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