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Monday, September 18, 2006


Demonstration around the world yesterday for the forgotten war in the Dafur region of Sudan prompted my writing this post.

I had already lost hope.

How can the world be so uncaring?
We’ve been so occupied with whatever we are doing that when occasionally, the issue of Dafur is raised, people just say “oh no” and go back to have their launch.

Every day, hundreds of innocents are murdered and raped because the world leaders have been far too slow in bringing truce;
With the African Union scuffling between starched military facilities and elongation of stay, the United Nations (UN) had been busy debating between sanctions and diplomacy on Iran and North Korea, to stop nuclear proliferation. A move which, in my opinion, is good to “protect innocent civilians” (a term all too familiar with the UN) they had failed to realize that it takes much less than a nuclear war head to kill a person or to commit genocide.

On the other hand, the developed economies have been paying a little more than lip service to the situation;
While the US congress and the European Parliament have come up with befitting nomenclatures such as “Genocide” and “Tantamount to genocide”, China and Russia has advocated caution while having a good time trading on arms and oil with the Sudanese government including the recent sale of over a dozen MiG-29s – one of the most advanced jet fighters in the Russian arsenal – to Khartoum.

And where are the Muslims?
Those who clam atrocities against Muslims, where are they?

Recent quotation of a medieval anti-Islamic comment by Pope Benedict XIV sparked untold demonstration across the Muslim world but I am yet to see/hear a Muslim reaction against the Janjaweed Arab militia commiting atrocities against black Muslims in Dafur.

Around the world, leaders sit and watch, only occasionally “pleading” with the Sudanese government to allow UN peace keepers, the situation on ground is getting worse; killings, raping, and all such stuff.

Widows and widowers made on daily bases,
Genocide before our very eyes.
Another Rwanda in the making.

we were 6 billion in the world....Now, we are 200,000 less, courtesy of Dafur.

I think world leaders should be more proactive and sincere.
China and Russian are in a better position to prevail on the Khartoum government to stop this madness.

Also, if Muslims really want to convince me that Islam stands for peace, they should start from Dafur.

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  • Your post mirrors that of many African pundits: the West hasn't done enough, the muslims do not care, etc.

    I agree the west hasn't done much, but what have the African nations done, afterall its in their backyards that the genocide is? 7000 poorly funded peace keepers won't do it.

    Yes, the west/America hasn't done much, at least some of their citizens/politicians have proposed Diverstments and a bill is already in the congress.

    It is all too easy to always put blames on non-Africans for issues that directly concerns us.

    Africans have to come up with creative ways to solve our problems.

    China has a lot of influence on Sudan. A good way to start: all African nations with business ties to China, (the largest trading partner of Sudan) to put pressure on the chinese. If non-Africans can come up with diverstments, then Africans should be willing to suspension business transactions with China.

    I have listed other ideas in a recent post on Darfur here

    By Blogger Imnakoya, at 3:17 AM  

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