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Friday, September 08, 2006

Overcoming the Blogging Hurdles in Nigeria

I started blogging last month but prior to that, I never heard the word ' blog' on Nigerian streets. I was suprised to see lots of Nigerian blogs on the blogosphere an indication that Nigerians are catching the blog fever, however, they are indications that it might take some time before blogging become widespread in Nigeria.

I also realized that most Nigerian bloogers don't reside in Nigeria and most of those who do, live in Lagos. Lagos has always been the hub of global inculturation in Nigeria and I think I am one of the few Nigerian bloggers living outside Lagos.

But there is more to Nigeria than Lagos and there are lots of things Nigerians should blog about. There is also need to educate Nigerians about the blogosphere and to encourage Nigerians to use blogging as a means of self expression.

Some of the benefits of blogging to Nigeria are:

  • National Unity: Tribalism and ethnic differences has been a reason for some disparity in the Nigerian polity, blogging will help the educated population to share their view and educate their respective wards.
  • Economic Independence: With the advanced money making medium in the blogosaphere today, they are lots of room for people to make money and become financially liberated through blogging. I am yet to see a very succesful Nigerian blogger, but I will never underestimate the innovative ability of my country men.
  • Cultural Exposure and Awareness: I hear there are about 252 tribes in Nigeria, I don't even know anything about lots of them, someone's got to blog about them sometime.
  • Blogging will, in addition to these, lead to creativity, improved reading culture, abolition of taboos and political and social change.

I have also identified some factors that impedes blogging to grow in Nigeria, these factors even encourage some bloggers to discontinue blogging - Heck, there are some Nigerian blogs I saw that were last updated months ago - Some of these factors are:

  • Financial Attraction: Ofcourse, blogging doesn't seem to be more lucrative than 419 or the Nigerian yahoo scams.
  • Scarce and Slow internet connection.
  • Poor computer education and availability.
  • Infrastructure; Basically electricity (NEPA)
  • EFCC: This is worth explaining, I once went to a cyber cafe outside town to update my blog only to be rounded up by the EFCC, God only knows what I went through.

Each of these is a potential show stopper, but the fact that we still have lots of bloggers of Nigerian origin is an indication that Nigerians are scalling the hurdles. one sure way of getting accross is by collaboration, Nigerian bloggers should be united and have a network of inter links.

As a Nigerian blogger, please write about the difficulties you are facing and the future you see in blogging in Nigeria. Leave it as a comment to this post or on your blog but leave a link to this post about it.

I have posted a number of comments in Nigerian blogs I happen to see, with my email so I can be reached. If I didn't see yours, I am sorry, please leave a comment here linking me to your site, I sure will reach you.



  • Hello Emeka. It's also good to see new blogs from the homeland. And thanks for visiting EthnicLoft & Grandiose Parlor. I will be back often and have added your site to my aggregator. You may also catch a glimpse of other similar sites on, if you haven't done so. I'm curious to know the theme of your blog and what areas your focus will be. Be well and welcome to the blogosphere!

    By Anonymous fola, at 6:08 PM  

  • thanks fola, I 've checked out the nigerianbloggers stuff and will include yours and others to my links.
    my blog is about the niger delta area, its people, places, business events and stuff like that. but I also write on off topics too.

    By Blogger Emeka, at 7:33 AM  

  • Glad you joined the blogging world, yeah there is some much 2 blog about n it is weird that most blogs I run into from naija r always folks located in Lagos. Welcome again n thanks for stopping by my blog!

    By Blogger Biodun, at 2:09 PM  

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  • Hello Emeka, Welcome to the Blogosphere!! I discovered blogging when ~I was surfing the net for Virgin Nigeria webpage to buy a ticket and clicked on Aderemi's post on Virgin Nigeria. It opened up a whole new world to me and I spent the rest of that day and most of my time afterwards surfing other blogs through the link on his page.

    Granted that most of the bloggers are abroad due to easy internet aceess readily available in their various cities. The awareness of blogging is growing throughout Naija anyway. There are ways of making money through blogging. Adsense and Pay per post but the problem is that you need to give certain details and IU think the Nigerian financial market and banks arent synchronised properly or something like that. Its early days yet. My motto is that things can only get better.

    By Blogger Calabar Gal, at 1:06 AM  

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