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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Scam the Scammer

This is a continuation of my post; Nigerian Scam; How it is done, where I tried to explain some of the tricks adopted by some scammers in Nigeria.

Another thing you need to know is that scammers also do business as you do it.
For example, if they send you a mail or give you a call about a business that will involve money from both of you, they will be ready to give their initial (yet small) contribution as soon as they are convinced that you have fallen for their proposals. They may not be in a hurry to wire money to you but they will do all that may be required to facilitate your sending you part.

It is interesting to know that this attribute of the scammer is their Achilles Heel!
Some people have manipulated this weakness to discourage scammers from perturbing them again.

This story is a good example:
Osy is a friend of mine whose sister lives in the UK. On one occassion, he called his sister for some goodies. Unknown to Osy, some scammers were listening and heard him made the call, so the next day, he got a call from someone who claimed to have just arrived from the UK with a package from his sister. The caller, (lets call him Scammor) then said he arrived in Lagos and had gone to his village to see his grandparents-which was, as he said, his purpose of coming home.

Scammor then said he never knew they was no bank in his village and he didn't have enough cash with him to send the package via courier services, he then requested Osy to send him Recharge Cards* worth about 5000 Naira so he could send the package to him.
But my friend was not to be fooled; he told scammor that he was in school and had very little cash with him but he could call his mother, she surely would send some money for the courier services. He then requested that scammor send him 1000 Naira Recharge Card* so he could call his mum and pass the information.
Scammor did.....
Case closed.

In situations like this, if you confirm that someone is a scam, fight back. Make them know that you are not a fool.(see what uncommon man did in his situation).

But, CONFIRM!! don't go screaming at a legit associate.

My friend, Osy, sent one last THANK YOU to scammor for helping him recharge his phone.

You can be sure that Scammor, or anyone from his camp, will not bother Osy again.

* RECHARGE CARD: Mobile phone air time cards are sometimes used for monetary transactions in Nigeria. It is sold to public phone operators for the money equivalent.




  • You friend did good, but, he seems to be a scammer himself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:17 PM  

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