The Niger Delta

Monday, September 11, 2006

Niger Delta Tourist Attraction

The Niger Delta area of Nigeria is widely known for oil and gas exploration, but do you know it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in sub-Saharan Africa?

Sometimes its amazing how nature, in addition to endowing a place with sources of energy, makes the place good for escape and relax way from the demanding work of the day.

Tourist sites in the Niger Delta cannot be covered in just one post, so, in a series of posts, starting with this, I will provide you with reasons to visit the delta and a glimpse of the places you will never forget after you might have visited.
We start at the border with Cameroon -

Cross River State:
A very diverse state made up of a number of languages and dialects. In addition to diverse language and people, it also has bio and ecological diversity as well; from the pre-Cambrian rocks of the Oban Massif to the cretaceous and recent sands of Obanliku, the state is a place of tremendous natural beauty and the hub of Nigerian tourism.

The major languages in Cross River state include Efik, Boki, Ugep, Bekwara and a host of dialect.

Speaking about their migration, the Obong (traditional Ruler) of Calabar once said they migrated to the region around the tenth century. Sitting in his centuries-old throne in his full regalia, he himself is a tourist attraction, and so is the smiling faces of his people beckoning on you to come have a good time.

Obong frim

The Obong is seen here recieving a guest.

The capital of Cross River state is a place where life is mearnt to be enjoyed. With its good roads, beautiful streets, historic monuments, high class presitgeous hotels, beautiful gardens with lush green vegetation many still wonder why this port city and former capital of Nigeria still remains as calm, neat and quite as is unlikely of a Nigerian city.

Mary Slessor's House

Cross River National Park:
Are you a wild life Freak or are you just interested in seeing wild animals in their undaunted natural homes, then you need to visit the National Park in Cross River state.

entrance to the national park inside the national park

Situated in the dense tropical forest between Nigeria and Cameroon the park is home to over 200 species of animals most of which are endemic to Africa.

monkey in the park

Obudu Cattle Ranch:
Folks, this is the big one!!!

Obudu hills

It is one of the most exciting places you will visit in your life time, it's..........
Opps, seems I am writing a newspaper doesn't it? All right, see you next time but this is a picture of what it feels like...

Cattles grazing at Obudu

For more please visit the Cross River website



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