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Monday, August 28, 2006

Nigerian Music Personality; Ebiere

There is no better personality to introduce the Arts section of my blog than the upcoming sensation - Ebiere Ogochukwu, (fondly called Ebiere) the angelic voice and face of the Niger Delta people.

Daughter of a Deacon Pastor, Ebiere grew up to discover her talents at an early age - unlike crooks on the street.
She started singing at the age of six with the children choir and by age nine, she had become a lead singer in her local church choir. She was later to become the choir director for about three years.

As a student of Theater Arts in the University of Port Harcourt, Ebiere won the Best Singer Award for three consecutive years.
In Nigeria today, she is well known for her first album Why me which made waves on its release last year.
She had also been involved in albums with the Award winning Asu Ekiye, Double Edge and U-Jeff, all top stars in Nigerian music.

At the First African Christian music Awards this year, Ebiere was voted the best female vocalist

The Bayelsa state native says she loves praying and making people happy, which explains why her songs are mostly religious and inspirational. She also said she loves being involved in the development and progress of people around her at all level.
There is no doubt this upcoming artist have taken Niger Deltan and Nigerian music to the next level.

Ebiere’s profile was gotten from an interview with the Guardian Life Magazine.



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